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Calvin Collins – A Young Veterans Journey To A Swift Career

Meet Calvin Collins, a young veteran whose journey led him all the way from combat to CDL. Like other veterans, he risked it all to protect his country until it was far too much to bear. Well-equipped for active duty but not civilian life, Calvin looked for a new career but didn’t know how to start. Since he was a teenager, his entire life had revolved around learning how to provide support during combat — not how to find a new job. That was until he met Joe Queen from Palmetto Warrior Connection. To read more of Calvin’s journey to a “Swift” career, click below.

Kendra Scott – 2021 Achiever of the Year

At age six, Kendra Scott was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, a red blood cell disorder that sometimes causes the body to be deprived of the oxygen it needs.  Her condition can sometimes make everyday tasks unbearable. But that doesn’t hold her back. Rising against the odds, Kendra achieves whatever she sets out to do. Watch her story below.

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Jahmaal Pearson – 2021 Goodwill Works! Award

The Goodwill Works! award honors an outstanding individual who has shown great progress and accomplishment while still benefiting from the Goodwill work environment. As an exemplary employee admired by his supervisors and co-workers, Jahmaal certainly fits that description.

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Chelsea Spann – 2021 Graduate of the Year

Chelsea is deaf and speaks American Sign Language. In 2015, she took part in Palmetto Goodwill’s Ability One program which provides training and employment opportunities to people with disabilities. She faces communication challenges with a positive attitude. See for yourself, and watch her video!

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Rex Bills – Homeless to Future Supervisor

Previously homeless veteran, Rex Bills tells of his struggles and how Palmetto Goodwill and Palmetto Warrior Connection transformed the cold winter nights spent alone on Rivers Avenue into a future filled with hope and opportunity. To read more of Bills’ story, click below!

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Kera Graham – 2020 CDL Graduate

Confidence and determination are just two of the qualities that make up Kera Graham, a recent graduate of our CDL program. After a strenuous job search, with no prior luck, Kera stumbled upon an advertisement for Palmetto Goodwill’s CDL training course and decided to give it a shot.

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