A Fresh Start For Frank

 In Fulfilling the Mission

Our organization’s expertise in the food service industry, preparing and serving meals for our military personnel, extends outside our territory at a base in Virginia Beach. Meet Frank Midgett, one of our outstanding team members working at this site.

Frank Midgett’s life path didn’t come easy to him. Unsure of what the future would hold, Frank found it difficult to find work. Financial hardship and unhealthy relationships took a toll on Frank as he struggled to get back on his feet. Life changed drastically once he began working with Palmetto Goodwill at the Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach.  Now almost ten years later, he is a homeowner and a team leader with newfound confidence.

In July 2013, while struggling to find a job, Frank came across a job listing on Indeed.com as a Food Service Worker with Palmetto Goodwill. Frank took a leap of faith, applied for the role, and soon enough he began working for Palmetto Goodwill. Hurley Waples, Assistant Project Manager at the time, recalls Frank’s shy and reserved demeanor. In one instance, Hurley took notice of Frank stuck on one daunting task: the food pot. Frank was uncertain of himself and the job at hand. Hurley took the time to sit down with Frank and explained that his role as a Food Service Worker encompassed four areas of responsibility. From that day forward, there was a positive shift in Frank.

As Frank became more skilled in his role, he began to interact and gradually open up to fellow team members. He showed an exceptional work ethic, and four years into his role as a Food Service Worker, Frank was promoted to Material Handler. As the years progressed, he evolved into a versatile worker, excelling at a multitude of jobs within the facility. Frank became a leader amongst his peers, positively impacting those around him due to his incredible work ethic. Four years after his first promotion, he was presented with the opportunity to take on a managerial position as Storeroom Manager. Hesitant at first, Frank thought it over and decided to apply for the position. Pleasantly surprised, he received the well-deserved promotion!

Ten years into his career at the Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, Frank loves his job as Storeroom Manager and is proud of the journey he took to get here. He says his biggest achievement is how far he has come since working with Palmetto Goodwill. Two years ago, he became a homeowner, marking another huge accomplishment as he was the first in his family to do so! Frank has shown continuous growth professionally and personally since finding his place at Palmetto Goodwill and says it has changed his life for the better! We are grateful to have Frank in our Palmetto Goodwill family and look forward to what he achieves next!

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