Palmetto Goodwill Community Service 

When you choose to complete your community service with Palmetto Goodwill, your donation of time, talent, and expertise help people with diverse challenges achieve their goals of becoming self-sufficient and contributing members of their community.

Court Ordered Community Service Policies and Procedures

Palmetto Goodwill welcomes individuals who are required by a court to do community service. We reserve the right to deny any individual in need of court-ordered community service hours the ability to volunteer with the organization based on the nature, type, and/or specifics of their offense. Palmetto Goodwill will not be a party before the specific Court which orders the service, there is no jurisdiction over the organization and the Courts cannot order Palmetto Goodwill to allow an individual to volunteer with the organization. Individuals will be judged solely by their offense(s) and not by any other means, including, but limited to age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Below is the application process for court-appointed community service. All of the items listed are required to process your request.

  1. Completed court-ordered community service packet
  2. Copy of your State Issued ID and Social Security Card
  3. All information listed below

Individuals going through Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) or similar programs

These individuals must provide the community service coordinator with paperwork from the courts stating the offense for which the individual is doing community service, the number of hours required and completion deadline. Individuals also need to provide the community service coordinator with their PTI case workers name, address, and telephone number. Every individual going through PTI has to have a background conducted at the courts. If the individual fails to comply with any rules or regulations they will be exited from the program.

Court Ordered Community (Non-Pre-Trial Intervention or similar programs)

Individuals that are choosing Palmetto Goodwill to complete their community service must go through background checks that run through our organization. These individuals must provide paperwork from the courts or from his/her probation officer to include the probation officer’s name, address, and telephone number, the offense for which the individual is doing community service, the number of hours required and the completion deadline.

Palmetto Goodwill will not accept a volunteer for court-ordered community service credit who is ‘being charged’, pleading guilty to or having been found guilty of certain serious offenses including but not limited to:

  • Violent/Abusive Offense
    • Ex: Murder, attempted murder, assault, domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect, or accessory to any of the proceeding offenses
  • Theft/Breach of Trust/ Financial Fraud/ Burglary
    • Ex: Theft from employer, burglary, accepting stolen property, multiple check frauds, extortion, accessory to any of the proceeding offenses
  • Sexual Offense/ Abuse

If interested in fulfilling your community service hours with Palmetto Goodwill, please pick a location and fill out the form below. Our stores are open 7 days a week from 10 am – 9 pm Monday through Saturday and 10 pm – 7 pm on Sunday.

    Community Service Application

    Release of Liabilities

    By signing this release, I indemnify and hold harmless Palmetto Goodwill and Goodwill Industries International (GII) from all claims, demands and causes of action, including injury incurred while action as a volunteer for Palmetto Goodwill.

    In addition, by signing this release, Palmetto Goodwill and GII have my permission to use any photographs or videos taken for the purpose of promoting the mission of Palmetto Goodwill and/or its Volunteer Program.

    Confidentiality Statement

    By signing this release, I understand that any information I may obtain concerning a person’s barrier to employment will not be disclosed to any other parties. Discussion(s) regarding an individual employed, volunteering or receiving services should only occur while acting within the scope of my volunteer responsibilities. Conversation regarding any other individual should not be discussed in any manner that can be construed as demeaning to the individual or in a manner not related to the task at hand.

    Shopping Policy

    By signing this release, I have read and understand Palmetto Goodwill’s Volunteer/Non-Employee Shopping Policy. I agree to follow all rules and regulations as stated in the policy and understand that failure to comply may render me ineligible to continue in my role in Goodwill’s Volunteer Program.

    Drug-Free Policy

    It is the policy of Palmetto Goodwill to operate in a drug-free environment. Volunteers are expected to adhere to a standard of conduct that will promote a drug-free environment.

    By signing this release, I have been informed that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance while volunteering for Palmetto Goodwill is prohibited. I also understand that should I fail to adhere to this policy that action will be taken against me, up to and including termination of my volunteer status.

    I understand that by my signature below, that I am to treat all persons with dignity and respect while participating in Palmetto Goodwill’s Volunteer Service Program. I have been informed of Palmetto Goodwill’s policies in regards to liability and confidentiality.


    (Vendors/Contracted Personnel/Community Service/Volunteers)

    *Non-Employee or Non-Goodwill Employee is defined as any individual assigned to a store temporarily volunteering, conducting business, and employment services in a paid or non-paid status and/or contracted by Palmetto Goodwill or Goodwill Industries International.

    Goodwill values the generosity of Donors and Shoppers who support Goodwill’s Mission. We welcome non-employee shopping and non-employees are encouraged to purchase items from Goodwill retail stores. In order to be good stewards of donations, Goodwill shoppers have first priority to purchase merchandise we process. We commit to making sure our customers are our top priority. When non- employees are making purchases at any of our stores, the following guidelines will apply:

    • Non-Goodwill employees who work in the Donated Goods Division may not shop in their assigned store. Donated Goods non-employees who work in the retail stores are welcome to shop at any other Goodwill location, except their assigned store, before or after their shift and only during regular retail business hours. Shopping non-employees must not be in their

    • ALL NON-Goodwill employees in the following departments: Main Office, Contracts, Job Link Centers and the Warehouse; who work in the retail stores or the Main Campus, may NOT make purchases at any of the retail stores during their lunch break.

    • Employees and non-Goodwill employees are welcome to shop at a Goodwill retail store that is not adjacent to their volunteer site, before or after their shift and only during regular retail business

    • Non-Employees must enter and exit all Donated Goods locations using the customer (Main) entrances. They are not allowed to enter into the processing areas if they are at the store as a

    • All Non-employees must not be in a company uniform when shopping in order to avoid any negative public perception. Non-Employees can NOT borrow a textile to cover their uniform when making their employee

    • All non-employee purchases must be rung up by a member of the management

    • All non-Employee purchases must be taken out of building (through the front door) at time of purchase. No purchases are to be stored or held in the building. Furniture and oversized items will follow Furniture procedures.

    • Non-Employees making purchases may not have Goodwill employees working bring merchandise to the sales floor specifically for either individual

    • No non-employees or customers may “set aside” merchandise for sale for any reason.

    • No merchandise may be pre-designated for sale to a specific employee or customer. This includes setting aside merchandise for purchasing or “trying on” later in the day. It is not permissible to purchase material from the processing area of a Goodwill location.

    • Non-Employees may not have friends, family, customers or other employees purchase merchandise for them.

    • Two receipts must be printed for all purchased merchandise. One receipt is to be signed by the employee and Manager on Duty and attached to End of Day paperwork. All merchandise must have the sales receipt and be removed from the premises after being rung up.

    • Any attempt to violate the pricing structure or circumvent this policy is cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or services. Management will not mark down prices upon request.

    • All material donated to Goodwill becomes the property of Goodwill as a whole and must not be used for the benefit of any one person.

    • Each non-employee receiving or handling any material is a trustee of this material.

    • Under no circumstances may a non-employee remove merchandise from a store, including the dumpster area, without paying for it (salable or not), including trash items, without the explicit approval of the Vice President of Donated Goods.

    • Violation of the Non-Employee Purchase Policy by any associate will result in privileges revoked indefinitely up to and including termination of employment status.



    • Purchasing in your assigned store, or the store that adjoins a volunteer site such as a Job Link Center, Warehouse or Community Service Center

    • Purchasing items that have not been processed in the backroom. (For example: a donation that has been taken at the front cannot be purchased before it has been processed in the backroom.)

    • Purchasing clothing that has not been hung.

    • Asking for special pricing.

    • Holding or Hiding items.

    • Removing items from a store without paying for those items. (Random bag checks may occur when leaving the building and will be conducted by the Manager on Duty.)

    I have read and understand the Non-Goodwill Employee Purchase Policy. I agree to adhere to this policy and I understand that violation of this policy could result in termination from the community service program with Goodwill.


    Palmetto Goodwill is committed to the provision of quality programs and services and will maintain the following code of ethics in all business practices.

    Goodwill employees, volunteers, officers and associates are committed to…

    • Putting people first in all aspects of our operations.

    • Forming honest relationships with clients, customers, and the public.

    • Helping people become self-sufficient to the best of their ability.

    • Recognizing that response to community needs is an opportunity for service.

    • Operating facilities and business ventures efficiently and responsibly.

    • Committing ourselves to continuous improvement.

    • Building trust and integrity by being excellent stewards of public donations.

    • Respecting people by embracing diversity of those we employ and serve.

    • Ethically marketing and promoting the agency to reflect true and accurate practices and services.

    • Promoting a safe and clean working environment for our employees, customers, donors and those we serve.

    The conduct of all employees, volunteers, officers and associates of Palmetto Goodwill has an impact on our ability to manage our financial resources and serve the community. In order to strengthen our ability to comply with the Code of Ethics and Principles in this document, we will ask each employee, board member, officer, volunteer and associate to agree to conduct him or herself in a manner that upholds all applicable laws and regulation, and promotes essential values and ethical behaviors.

    All employees, volunteers, officers and associates will consistently exercise ethical decision-making and recognize and report when asked to do something that might be illegal or unethical. This would include deciding on a course of action, determining responsibility, reviewing all relevant facts and information, and referring to all applicable Goodwill policies or professional standards. Additionally, when considering whether an action goes against ethical, moral and professional standards, everyone understands the importance of consulting with others when presented with a dilemma on an issue.

    All employees, volunteers, officers and associates of Palmetto Goodwill will be held accountable to this code of ethics. Any employee action in contrast to this Code of Ethics will be viewed as a violation of company policies and guidelines and grounds for administrative review and appropriate corrective actions.


    • Casual pants

    • Jeans are okay as long as work appropriate

    • Shorts will be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee (with approval from the store manager)

    • Hem lengths will be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee

    • Sleeveless shirt may work if collared or professional

    • No T-shirts with objectionable or questionable slogans

    • No exposed mid drifts or backs

    • No exposed cleavage

    • No unnatural hair coloring

    • Any facial piercings must be removed or covered

    • Nails must be clean and no longer than 1’’from cuticle

    • Tattoos must be covered

    • No hats, scarves, caps, or non-work related gloves should be worn indoors

    • No phones, headphones, Bluetooth, or like items


    • Please respect all employees, supervisors and shoppers

    • There are cameras recording at ALL times

    • We suggests you call your Community Service Coordinator once you have completed your 1st day to make sure your hours have recorded properly

    • Once you have completed your hours, contact your Community Service Coordinator for your total and make arrangements to pick up 2 copies of your hours (which will include a detailed report and a summary report). We can also email hours to you if that is more convenient.

    • You are asked to complete your community service hours in a timely fashion. If we see no activity for an extended period of time, you are at risk of being removed from the program


    • When you arrive to your designated store to begin your community service, please ask for a store manager so that you can let them know you are there to start your community service. They will have received an email from the Community Service Coordinator that you have been cleared and your clock in number will be supplied to them as well as yourself

    • Show your ID and tell the store manager or lead that you have been approved for community service and would like to clock in

    • When you clock in you will use you KRONOS ID and PASSWORD that you were given when you were approved and press ENTER

    • If you go out for any reason or go on break, you must clock out and clock in upon your return



    • IF YOU DO NOT CLOCK IN OR OUT YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT FOR ANY HOURS THAT YOU WERE THERE. The store manager is not responsible for tracking hours, the only way to track your hours is through the TIME FORCE system. No exceptions are made

    • It is your responsibility to keep up with your dates and times that you have worked

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