3.1 Convincing Reasons to Run a 5K

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I’d like to run a 5K one day” then you’re not alone. In fact, 5K events are the most popular form of organized runs in the United States. In 2018, more than 8 million Americans registered to run a 5K. So, what stands in the way of some people lacing up their running shoes and signing-up to race? Whether it’s due to concerns over time, fitness, social aspects or anything else – we’ve compiled a list of reasons that will motivate you to sign-up for your first 5K. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn why running a 5K doesn’t have to be intimidating.


Reason #1: You really can go from “Couch to 5k” in a matter of weeks.

A quick Google search will reveal articles, apps, YouTube videos and more helpful resources that will share the secrets to training for a 5K in as little as six weeks. If you’re already a casual runner then you might be able to train even faster! Unlike a marathon which requires months – sometimes even years – of training, a 5K is a much more reasonable 3.1-mile run. In fact, many individuals who run at an average pace can complete the race in just over 30 minutes. All it takes to prepare for a 5K is around a half-hour of training per day. That’s less time than it takes to stream an episode of your favorite Netflix show!


Reason #2: Typically, 5K runs benefit a worthwhile cause.

Running a 5K is good for your health, and your community. For example, proceeds from our upcoming Hippie Dash 5K are used to raise awareness and funding for individuals with disabilities. Plus, it’s always a little extra motivation knowing that all your effort and hard work is supporting a good cause. So, spend some time brainstorming causes that you’re passionate about. Chances are, there’s a 5K run or walk supporting the cause and registering for the race would make a meaningful impact.

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Reason #3: Runs are a great way to socialize and meet new people.

Often, runners choose to sign-up with friends and work colleagues. Running with friends can serve as extra support or even motivation to perform better. On race day, you’ll have a great opportunity to meet new people from around your community who share enthusiasm for the same causes. Many times, there is also an event held after the race where participants can grab food and drinks. This makes for an excellent opportunity to socialize and maybe even form a running group for future races.


Reason #3.1 Free swag!

As a thank you, most 5K races will provide a small gift to their runners. Sure, there’s a registration fee, but it’s much less than the cost of running a marathon or half-marathon. Plus, there might even be special discounts for certain groups like students, seniors, veterans, etc. For example, students can register for the Hippie Dash 5K for just $20. Whether it’s a t-shirt, water bottle or drawstring bag you’ll have something to show off around your friends and family following the event.

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Hopefully, after reading this list you’re no longer intimidated about running a 5K race. If you’d like to register or learn more about the Hippie Dash 5K and how Palmetto Goodwill works to support individuals with disabilities then please follow this link. Remember to check us out on social media and share updates on your “Couch to 5K” adventure. Good luck!



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