World Humanitarian Day

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August 19th is not just any ordinary day for Palmetto Goodwill. It is World Humanitarian Day; a time to honor people helping people. 

Since our founding in 1979, assisting the community has been the core of our organization. And furthering our mission would not be possible without the generous individuals that make up lower South Carolina. Because of you and your donations, we can continue providing employment services and job training to those with barriers in our communities.

Despite the hardships our world faced during 2020, we still served 16,142 people, placed 2,565 individuals in jobs, diverted over 14 million pounds of goods from landfills, assisted 1,296 Veterans, and provided 85,925 services. In 2021, we are continuing to find ‘good’ everywhere.

So far in 2021, we have encouraged individuals to shop secondhand as it is a way to decrease landfill waste, aids in water preservation, reduces chemical pollution, & lowers our carbon footprint. We have celebrated resilient and steadfast men and women who have come through our organizations. We have assisted workers 55+ during COVID-19. We have reunited World War II heirlooms with a family. We have honored the men and women who have valiantly fought for our country. We have held countless job fairs and hiring events for individuals to further their careers. We have provided hundreds of career certifications and helped individuals receive their high school diplomas online. We are hosting ASL (American Sign Language) classes to paint the world with color, one sign at a time.

And we are eager to continue to grow and evolve while staying true to our mission of offering sustainable employment opportunities and related support services to those in need. To that end, Palmetto Goodwill’s leadership began developing a 2025 strategic plan to define and give greater focus to our efforts. 

The resulting plan is vetted, challenging and achievable, and establishes a well-defined framework for Goodwill’s future growth, mission advancement, and funding. To view our 2025 Strategic Plan click here. 

We encourage you this Humanitarian Day to help someone in need and to continue spreading Infinite Good throughout our community and beyond! 

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