In the summer of 2018, Palmetto Goodwill leadership began developing a 2025 strategic plan to define and give greater focus to our efforts. Development of the plan was rigorous, thorough and inclusive of internal and external stakeholder feedback. The resulting plan is vetted, challenging and achievable. Most importantly, it establishes a well-defined framework for Palmetto Goodwill’s future growth, mission advancement and funding.

Today we face an economy that has shifted dramatically over the past several years. Employers are having a difficult time securing the talent they need to perform the jobs they are trying to fill. As a result, Palmetto Goodwill has started shifting its focus towards training and certification programs to transition people quickly into high demand jobs. Using this plan as a guide, Palmetto Goodwill will continue moving in this direction and engage the community through impactful programs and holistic services that lead to optimal employment outcomes for those we serve.

The Community Impact 2025 plan is built around four pillars that speak to our mission of “helping people achieve their full potential through the dignity and power of work.” These pillars and associated objectives are:

  • Employment – Palmetto Goodwill will become a premier employer by ensuring the people we employ and those we serve are provided resources and opportunities to reach their full potential.
  • Sustainability – Palmetto Goodwill will operate and grow viable social business models providing opportunities and resources to build on current and future mission endeavors.
  • Innovation – Palmetto Goodwill will create and implement highly effective education, training and social solutions; positioning the organization as a result-oriented leader in our community.
  • Communication – Palmetto Goodwill will broaden mission awareness and understanding of Goodwill as a premier service provider.

These pillars will serve as a strong foundation for Palmetto Goodwill activities in the coming years and increase our ability to serve lower South Carolina residents. By focusing our efforts and collaborating with other organizations, we will help change lives and boost South Carolina’s workforce through education, training and employment.

We invite you to read the entire Community Impact 2025 plan and join our effort to help people overcome barriers to employment and become productive, self-sufficient and contributing members of our community.

Click HERE to download the full Community Impact 2025 plan.

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