Palmetto Goodwill Donates $6,365 to Meet $50,000 Goal for Tricounty Family Ministries’ New Kitchen

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Thanks to a $6,365 donation from Palmetto Goodwill, Tricounty Family Ministries (TFM) has reached its fundraising goal of $50,000 for a new kitchen.

Goodwill committed $5,000 to the fund last week but wanted to make sure the full goal was met before Christmas.

“We planned to do a formal check presentation today and when I realized they were so close to the goal, I just knew we could be the ones to get them there,” said Robert Smith, Palmetto Goodwill President & CEO. “We’re always happy to help fellow community organizations and I am proud that we can contribute to something that will impact so many people.”

This donation along with many others, including a $10,000 anonymous donation, will fund a new kitchen in Cherokee Place United Methodist Church complete with a walk-in cooler, hood and new electrical work. TFM is North Charleston’s only major soup kitchen and provides more than 300,000 meals each year to those in need.

The fundraiser was started by Feed The Need, which aims to alleviate some of the economic burden that area soup kitchens and shelters are facing in today’s economic environment. With the help of Charleston City Paper, a GoFundMe campaign helped ramp up donations.

“To see one great agency stand up to help another is the true definition of Goodwill. The kitchen that these funds will build will benefit an entire community of people,” said Mickey Bakst, founder of Feed the Need. “On behalf of Tricounty Family Ministries, Feed the Need and Charleston City Paper, thank you to all,” he added.


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