Living in the woods behind Walmart, I panhandled for jobs, food, & money to survive. I was taken to 180 Place for shelter. It was wintertime then. From there I was introduced to Palmetto Warrior Connection, a group who offered to help me in bettering my employment prospects. Mr. Wiggins helped me a lot, I give much thanks to him. Mr. Sabb, Mr. Salemi, and Mr. Queen jumped on top of my homeless situation. Palmetto Warrior Connection pointed me in the right direction and helped me to eventually secure an apartment by covering the up-front deposit. The Palmetto Warrior team was very concerned in my future employment status, offering me more education opportunities, on the job training, and technical computer skills. I owe PWC a great deal.

 Mr. Queen also helped me enroll into the V.A.’s compensated workforce therapy program & even stayed on top of everyone to make sure I received the proper help that I needed. Palmetto Warrior Connection also called in to check in on me from time to time, to see if needed further assistance with anything at all.

I feel powerful because Palmetto Warrior Connection helped me get back on my feet and even secure a safe apartment. That I could not have done on my own.

Thank you to the team at Palmetto Warrior Connection.