I am a combat veteran who is on disability due to my injuries during desert Storm.

After coming back to the State and healing both physically and mentally which took a matter of years, I found that a lot of companies whether they want to admit it or not have a problem hiring a disabled person let alone a disabled veteran. After being turned down for years of employment, I resulted in working for myself in the pet sitting position. I ended up calling in love with that job because I loved my animals so much. After moving to where I live at now, employment has become an issue with larger companies running out the independent pet sitters such as myself. I ended up being introduced to Mr. Joseph Queen of Palmetto Warrior Connection. He has been wonderful as far as finding me a position of employment in Pet industry. Within a month I’ve gained so many opportunities of which at this point I have been given employment in the job field that I love so much.
Thank you to the team at Palmetto Warrior