I have lost my job because of this awful virus, the bill collectors are blowing up my phone up, a Process Sever from Small claims court knocked on my door because I cannot pay my bills, I tore my rotator cuff in my left shoulder, 2 immediate family members died from Covid and I couldn’t go home to Ohio to attend the funerals and now my vehicle needs to be repair for $1400.00 dollars and has been sitting at Baker Motor’s for the last six weeks –  What else Father, what else, I can’t take anymore! 


While I still had internet service, I sent an email to Palmetto Warrior Connection to ask for vehicle repair assistance. To my surprise, because I had lost all hope with what was going on with me, I received an email Mr. Husser and he advised that Joe Queen would be contacting me soon.


Of course I had to go through the initial intake process, and provide to PWC the necessary documentation. I still was hanging from that cliff, but Mr. Queen’s words of encouragement and guidance helped me to find my inner strength again – There was no guarantee that my vehicle would be fixed – I still needed employment and so forth.  


And then I got the call, I was approved for the repair and on top of that, Baker Motor’s hired me! 


I was reminded by God, to always put Him first in my life, that I am a Veteran, a retired Police Officer – a “Phoenix” rising out of the ashes to start anew! 


Thank you PWC.