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In 2014 Palmetto Goodwill founded Palmetto Warrior Connection (PWC), an arm of the organization dedicated completely to helping Warriors succeed. PWC’s goal is to be every veteran’s first stop to living their best possible life.

From physical battle wounds to psychological distress, many veterans returning home find it difficult to reintegrate into society, the workforce and family life. These challenges can cause stress, depression, and feelings of isolation for both the veteran and their family members, making it difficult to achieve financial and emotional stability.

PWC is making a difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed for our country and is proud to walk with veterans at any stage in their journey.

  • Veteran Benefits. From government programs to special entitlements, our country’s Warriors are entitled to many benefits after separating from the service. The information available can be overwhelming and confusing. PWC’s trained Veteran Advocates can help identify which programs a Veteran qualifies for and assist them in the process of applying for and receiving what they need to make positive steps forward.
  • Housing. PWC works tirelessly to avoid homelessness at all costs. From helping apply for housing allowances and aid to assisting with shelter placement when needed, PWC does everything possible to ensure a safe place for Warriors to rest their head.
  • Education. PWC understands that traditional education doesn’t always make sense for Veterans reintegrating to civilian life. We work with Veterans to help them understand and take full advantage of the education benefits they are entitled to. Our advocates also work with each individual to identify and apply for courses that will help them build on the skills and knowledge gained in the service and aid them in their long-term career endeavors.
  • Employment. Goodwill is well-versed in aiding those with barriers to employment but recognizes that Veterans often need assistance tailored to their unique situations. From finding companies committed to employing Veterans to crafting resumes that incorporate military accomplishments, knowledgeable Employment Specialists are available to help Warriors find employment and career opportunities that are a good match and will lead to success. We are proud to be a part of Operation: Goodjobs, a $5 million grant from The Walmart Foundation that provides military Veterans and their families the tools and training they need to ensure long-term financial wellness.
  • Community Connections. Feeling lonely or isolated is a common thread among many service members returning home. PWC works to bring Veterans together to create a local community of support and encouragement. Through a grant with Boeing, local Warriors participate in a kayak resiliency course, Trident United Way recently sponsored a women’s wellness retreat for female Warriors and PWC plans numerous physical and social outings throughout the year for local Veterans. Some events are designed to encourage vulnerability or educate but others are simply in place to foster a sense of community and friendship.

Need help? If you are a veteran, soldier, or part of a military family, please don’t hesitate to reach out. There are many situations that you may need help with and we are here to assist.  You may call (843) 414-9736, visit any Job Link Center or visit the PWC office located at 2150 Eagle Drive in North Charleston.

Want to help? If you are interested in supporting PWC’s efforts with a financial gift, please click here to donate. If you would like to learn more or get involved with PWC through volunteering, please send an email to [email protected].


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