6 Things You Can Donate To Goodwill You Might Not Have Thought About

 In Fulfilling the Mission

When you think about donating to Goodwill, clothes probably come to mind first and then maybe household items like kitchen tools and decorations. While these are awesome donations that will go a long way in helping people in your community find jobs, there’s a lot more you can donate that you might not have crossed your mind. So next time you’re cleaning out your closet, garage or other areas of your home, don’t think too hard – just Goodwill it!

1) Unwearable clothing. Ever pull something about of your closet that you question donating? Maybe it has a stain, a hole, or has shrunk or stretched out over time. Even if we aren’t able to sell these items in our stores, we have means of recycling them that still helps us generate revenue to support our mission so bag it up and drop it of

2) Old linens and towels. Same thing here – towels and bedding that are no longer usable can be recycled or donated to a local animal shelter to help keep homeless pets warm and clean.

3) Computers and technology. We’ll take it all! Even if your technology predates the dinosaurs, we can give it a new life or ensure its recycled appropriately. A lot of the technology we receive is repurposed and sold in our Computer Works Store. Anything we can’t use is responsibly recycled through Dell Reconnect. Last year, we kept 1,286,665 pounds of electronic waste from ending up in landfills!

4) Furniture. We sell furniture in our stores. If you haven’t seen any while shopping, it’s probably because it sells fast! Furniture in good condition is always in high demands but with the rise of the DIY trend, people are snapping up everything from bar stools to dressers to refinish, paint and reuse in a new way.

4) Household appliances. We sell small appliances like toasters and blenders in our stores but we also have a partnership with Habitat For Humanity. If you have a large donation and need help getting it to us, get in touch with us here to schedule a pick-up.

6) Cars. We accept donations of cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, campers, RVs, boats and more. It doesn’t even need to be running and will pick it up or tow it for free – how easy is that? Interested? Get in touch with us here. 

No matter what you’re donating to Goodwill, you can feel good about being green and making a positive impact in your community. Your donations help us provide job training and employment services that help people better their lives. Meet Jason Harrison and see the true impact you can make.


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