Palmetto Goodwill 2015 Award Winners

 In Fulfilling the Mission

On May 25, 2016,  Palmetto Goodwill celebrated the organization’s successes in 2015. Over the course of the year, we provided services to more than 57,000 people and placed 1,934 phentermine people into new jobs. These successes lowered unemployment, reduced costly government support services and boosted our local economy with a total economic impact of more than $31.4 million.

These numbers are impressive but it’s the inspirational stories of individuals that really matter. We celebrated many Goodwill supporters and employees but the touching stories of three individuals provide a glimpse into the power of the Goodwill mission.

  • Once an addict struggling to raise her children, Patrice Blackstock turned her life around and is proud of her life and her family. .
  • With difficulties keeping a steady job, Russell Shirer was losing confidence in himself and hope for his future. Working at the mail room on Shaw AFB, through the AbilityOne program, opened world of possibilities. .
  • Jason’s life was forever changed by a car accident in high school. He was told he may not live and if he did he would not walk or talk again. Defying all odds, he is determined to live life to the fullest and bring happiness and optimism to each person he meets. .



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