World Mental Health Day 2022

 In Fulfilling the Mission

Celebrated since 1992, World Mental Health Day is honored around the globe each year on October 10. It is a day to shed awareness on mental health, the challenges that can stem from one’s mental state, and a time to advocate for established support and inclusivity towards those who experience mental health issues.

Every year, the World Federation of Mental Health, founders of World Mental Health Day, selects a theme to mark the honorary holiday. This year’s theme was chosen to be ‘Make Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority’.

Issues we deal with against ourselves, between our families and friends, and in our local communities continue to add weight to the pile. Yet, we are all citizens of the world, and mental health is a crisis waiting to be addressed on all fronts.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, anyone can feel the cloud of mental health weighing over their shoulders. Mental health challenges also look different for everyone, as it is guided by our own personal experiences. With that in mind, you never know what may be going on with someone after we unplug for the day.

So, on this day, and every other day, remember that kindness can go a long way. Mental health is a battle that cannot be fought alone, and the vulnerabilities of those struggling deserve to be heard. For our neighbors and for ourselves, lets scratch the social stigmas and work to improve the lives of the people we surround ourselves with. Bringing attention to mental health and well-being is past due, and we will never find a better time to have the conversation if we don’t start now.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or having a hard time, please visit for informative resources and immediate help.

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