Spring Clean the “GOOD WAY”

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As the dark and dreary winter days turn into spring soirées in the sun, your winter attire might be looking to hibernate—and we have just the vacation spot for you. Get your winter wardrobe a one-way ticket to Palmetto Goodwill & spring clean your closet the ‘GOOD WAY,’ with us. As you’re packing their bags to send them on their way—check out a few of these trends as seen from Vogue’s 2021 Spring/Summer Selections that would make for great donations.

Photo from Vogue

Stylish SweatSuits

A look of casual comfort that once kept you warm in winter remains one of this upcoming season’s ideal items.

Photo from Vogue

Second Skins

As the frigid air this winter may have caused you to double layer your fits with cozy undergarments, the 2021 spring season is opening the door to continue the comfort by sticking with these fitted layers.

Photo from Vogue

Day Dresses

Have a dresser filled with day dresses? Send them our way this spring as these pleasant pieces are far from seasonal.

Photo from Balmain Spring/Summer

Sharp Shoulders

A statement then and now, these sharp shoulders are perfect for any stand-out moment.

These trends are the créme de la créme of the 2021 spring season. As the temperature is rising and your closet space is shrinking, consider getting one step ahead of the madness this spring with Palmetto Goodwill. Your donations allow us to fund our mission of providing employment services and job training to those with barriers in our communities. Check out where and how to donate here.

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