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By Shelby Sessler

For our final week, our focus was the Addams Family!  For the shoot, I chose to make Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley, all of which were very easy to find thrifted items to make! I started by finding individual pieces for the characters.





Gomez was  the easiest costume to put together for sure.  His costume is simply a black suit, a white shirt, a tie, and black shoes.  Depending on which incarnation of Gomez you are looking at (the live TV show, the cartoon, or the live action movies) there are a couple of different suits he wears, so you can go with a simple black suit, pinstripes, wider white stripes, or even a red smoking jacket.

Once it was all assembled, we added the wig and the moustache and had a complete Gomez Addams costume!




For Morticia, I started by finding a long sleeved black dress. The dress had some stretch to it, which made for a comfortable dress.  I used two yards of crushed tulle and two yards of sequin trim to make alterations to the dress.

I cut a v shaped neckline into the dress and sewed the neckline in place.  I then glued down the sequin trim along the neckline of the dress.  I folded the crushed tulle a few times and then cut the fabric into long triangles.  I sewed the long triangles onto the dress, one stitch down the middle and then along the petals of the triangles to connect them to each other.

I was pretty happy with the final results, it was elegant and fairly comfortable to wear.





Wednesday’s costume is long sleeved black dress with a white collar.  I have seen dresses on previous trips that were exactly like Wedesday’s dress, but in the spirit of DIY I opted to find a way to make the dress if the exact item is not found at once.

I made Wednesday’s outfit out of a black sweater, a white blouse, and a sleeveless black dress.  I began by cutting the sleeves and a section of the white blouse with the collar off of the dress.  I then attached the top of the blouse to the inside of the sweater neckline, like those faux sweater shirts you can find.  I also sewed the blouse cuffs to the sleeves of the sweater.  I made minor alterations to the black dress for a better fit (I shortened the skirt a little bit and brought the sleeves up a little).  Once I finished with the alterations, I put the blouse on and put the dress over it.

To finish the look, I added a pair of black tights, black boots, and a black braided wig to finish the look





Finally for Pugsley, I had a white shirt and a pair of black shorts.  For his shirt, you have to add black stripes to the shirt.  You can use the painters tape and use spray paint to put the lines on like we did for Beetlejuice, but I decided to hand paint the black stripes on the shirt to give it a more cartoonish look. Finally, a pair of black socks and black boots were added and the costume was over.




Once all the costumes were assembled, they all looked really nice together.  It is a great group costume or are recognizable on their own.  For more costume ideas, see earlier blogs or you can visit my Facebook page,, or my instagram, ShelbeanieCosplay.


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