My greatest memory as a young boy was to help others.  As a local veteran, Palmetto Warrior Connection has enabled me to accomplish many of my goals—short & long term — which has helped me remain productive in personal and professional pursuits.

The work, time, insight, & resources Palmetto Warrior has invested in me has allowed me to make a positive impact in society.  To have Palmetto Warrior Connection have faith in me, and to be there for me in a difficult, challenging time in my life has been paramount. I can now accomplish what I am truly passionate about to make a massive impact in the life of other veterans. I am interested in creating a wellness program for veterans with PTSD. At Palmetto Warrior they have built a culture based on teamwork, compassion, accountability and integrity. PWC has a culture that is results oriented – A culture where every veteran will have the opportunity to self-develop. PWC staffing works hard to make sure veterans experience a meaningful journey by staying in constant contact on a daily basis, advocating constructive habits that leads to a manageable life.

Palmetto Warrior Connection’s mission statement is wanting what is best for a veteran.