Reward Program & Gifts Cards

The fine print
By registering for the Goodwill Rewards Card Program, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. The Goodwill Rewards Card Program is free and allows shoppers to earn points on purchases at retail stores operated by Palmetto Goodwill. As points accumulate, members earn special discounts and offers.

Goodwill Rewards Cards are only available at Goodwill stores managed by Palmetto Goodwill. Only persons who are 13 years or older may enroll in the Goodwill Rewards Card Program. Membership is limited to one account per individual. Palmetto Goodwill reserves the right to limit Goodwill Rewards Card enrollment at any time.

Redemption of Rewards Card Points
Members earn one point for every one dollar ($1 USD) spent on merchandise less discounts. Purchases at the outlet stores earn one point for every two dollars ($2 USD) spent. No points are earned on the purchase of Goodwill gift cards. Points cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.

After a member earns 250 points, and for every 250 points earned thereafter, the member receives a 25 percent discount off of the next purchase made at a store managed by Palmetto Goodwill. Only one discount applies per purchase. Goodwill Rewards Card members are also eligible for exclusive promotions and special offers throughout the year.

Goodwill Rewards Card members must present their rewards card at the time of their purchase, or provide the cashier with the proper information to look up the member’s account.

Points cannot be added to the member’s account after the purchase is completed. Goodwill Rewards points will not expire, however, Palmetto Goodwill reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the program at any time. Rewards points are totaled independently and cannot be combined with points from another Goodwill Rewards Card account. Points may not be transferred, bartered or sold.

Member Obligations and Account Termination
Goodwill Rewards Card members agree to provide only accurate and true information at all times. Members agree to promptly notify Palmetto Goodwill of any changes in information, including mailing address or email address, by updating his/her personal information on the website,, or at any Palmetto Goodwill store.

Palmetto Goodwill may refuse to enroll a member or to restrict, modify or terminate a member’s participation in the program without liability to the member if a member violates any law, rule or regulation or if a member’s participation in the program could violate any law, rule or regulation. Goodwill reserves the right to alter, limit, modify, restrict or cancel any membership and/or the Goodwill Rewards program, conditions and benefits at any time with or without notice.

Any Goodwill Rewards Card member may terminate their account by completing a termination request. The termination becomes effective when the request is submitted and the member forfeits all points to use towards future purchases. Goodwill reserves the right to terminate any member if the usage is inconsistent with this agreement.

Lost or Damaged Goodwill Rewards Card
If a member has a lost or damaged Goodwill Rewards Card, the member should speak to a cashier on their next Goodwill Retail Store visit and request an application for a replacement card and key tag set. The cashier will immediately provide the member with a new card. When the replacement card application is processed, any previous points earned will be transferred to the new card, if applicable.

Palmetto Goodwill Employees
All Palmetto Goodwill employees are eligible to participate in the Goodwill Rewards Card program, however, only one discount applies per purchase.

Privacy Policy
It is Palmetto Goodwill’s policy to keep all personal information secure. Goodwill guarantees the information provided for the Goodwill Rewards Card program will never be disclosed to a third party. Goodwill will only use the email address provided to contact a member with personalized savings and member discounts throughout the year.

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