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The Palmetto Goodwill Scholarship

Provided through Coastal Community Foundation

Awards renewable scholarships to current Palmetto Goodwill, Palmetto Goodwill Services, and Palmetto Excel team members, and their children and grandchildren, for both technical college and four-year colleges and universities.

Applications must be submitted by: April 5 at 11:59 PM.

5 renewable scholarships are available, each at $1,500.

Create an account and apply through Coastal Community Foundation at:

  • Once you’ve made an account, you will see an option for the “Coastal Community Foundation Scholarship Cycle 2024”. Click the blue “Apply” button on the right-hand side to get started!
  • No access code is required


The Coastal Community Foundation offers over 50 different academic scholarships to community members.

When you apply for the Palmetto Goodwill Scholarship, you will automatically be matched with any other Coastal Community Foundation scholarships for which you are eligible.

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