Our community impact reaches far beyond the shelves of our stores. Through our programs and services, we’re helping people in our community improve their lives each and every day. We offer training to help you gain the skills you need to find, get and keep a job. The focus is on achieving certifications in fields such as Manufacturing, Welding, HVAC, and CDL, along with hundreds of ONLINE offerings in high-demand fields like IT/Software. Courses are valued at $3500 – $5000. Best of all, THERE IS NO COST FOR QUALIFIED CANDIDATES!

If you are a veteran, or eligible for SNAP benefits, you may qualify at “no cost.” If you don’t meet one of those qualifications, Goodwill staff will work to find the right program for you. At the conclusion of any Palmetto Goodwill program, our employment specialists work with participants to take the next step on their career journey. Contact us TODAY to start your new career!

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is ongoing and will be accepted at any time for any course. Manufacturing, Welding, CDL, and HVAC courses are held at the Palmetto Goodwill training facility in North Charleston and have designated start dates. The online diploma and credentialing courses can be taken anywhere with internet access at any time. Please fill out the form below!


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