Shop Goodwill for Chic and Cheap Dorm Room Décor

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Before we get started, take a look at how easy it can be to fix up a cool piece of furniture? The tutorial for this modern yet timeless side table is easy enough for every level of DIY-er.

Here, we’ve listed out key pieces to get your space set up. The best part? A collection of staples will only set you back about $150. Compared to more than $500 at a big box retailer.

  • Lamp. You’re going to need plenty of light for studying and relying on the harsh overhead florescent isn’t ideal. Find something that is both pretty and functional, adding to the décor of your half of the room and creating a relaxing ambiance.
  • Bed spread and throw pillows. Your bed will likely be the focal point of your room. You’ll want to build in other elements that coordinate so make sure you choose something you love. If you can’t find matching throw pillows, check out this fun no-sew pillow tutorial ( and you can turn almost anything into a pillow.
  • Chair. When you’re not lounging on your bed or studying at your desk, you’re going to want another seating option. This will also come in handy when you have visitors to your room. Depending on what you find scouting your local Goodwill, consider a director’s chair, butterfly chair or even a bean bag if you a have a bit more room.
  • Storage. There is no need to use a clear set of drawers as furniture. You’ll easily be able to find something that will offer storage and functionality. Some items may need a little fixing up – check out the tutorial we mentioned above for a little inspiration.
  • Rug. Nothing will warm of your space like a soft rug under your toes. Look for darker colors that won’t show dirt or opt for a small accent rug that you can swap out if you get bored with it mid-semester.
  • Artwork. Find one large print or poster or consider creating a gallery wall with a collection of personalized photos, frames and objects.
  • Appliances. While you’ll probably doing most of your dining out and about, if you do need a microwave, toaster, blender or anything other small appliance, Goodwill has you covered. It’s also a great place to grab some very inexpensive plates, cups and cutlery.

In addition to saving yourself (or your parents) major bucks, you you’ll be re-purposing goods from your community. This helps people find jobs and improve their lives and ensures less stuff ends up in landfills. That’s a great way to start off the new school year!


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