We are people-oriented, not profit-driven and creating a good match between the employer and the employee is our first priority! We specialize in hiring staff for hotel, culinary and administrative positions but are equipped to assist in many other industries.

Hiring through GoodPeople Staffing has many benefits for employers:

  • Interviewing and screening. Each candidate is interviewed by a professionally trained staff member and undergoes extensive testing to evaluate their skills and abilities. Candidates must provide a solid work history and undergo a criminal background check. A drug screening can also be provided upon request. Candidates are also given an orientation to your company.
  • 90 day probationary period. GoodPeople staffing will take care of taxes and workman’s comp for the first 90 days of employment. There are no additional fees to transfer.
  • 3 ways to staff. You can choose to fill your positions wit temporary, temporary to permanent or permanent employees.
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