PALMETTO GOODWILL CEO HONORED WITH INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT AWARD   North Charleston, SC – Palmetto Goodwill President & CEO Robert Smith has been honored with the 2020 Kenneth K. King [...]

Halloween Couples Costumes   Halloween costumes are always more fun when you can celebrate with the one you love! So our focus this week is going to be “couples costumes” that can be found [...]

DIY Costumes in Under 15 Minutes It’s amazing what you can find during a quick trip to Goodwill!  Accordingly, this week’s blog focuses on costumes from Goodwill that can be put together in [...]

2020 Pop Culture DIY Costumes Finding treasures hidden throughout Goodwill is a pretty fun task! This week, our treasures consist of iconic costumes inspired by 2020 pop culture.  The costumes I [...]

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